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Want to become involved in your community?
Check out the various projects happening right here in Ottawa!

Is your group active in Ottawa and looking for volunteers?
Email info(at)exilebooks.org to be listed on this page!

Other Infoshops to check out:

  • about the movement
  • The Infoshop Network
  • Brian Mackenzie Infoshop (Washington, DC)
  • Wooden Shoe Books (Philly, PA)
  • La page noire (Quebec City)
  • Mondragon (Winnipeg)
  • Spartacus Books (Vancouver)
  • Left Bank Books (Seattle, WA)
  • Mathilde Anneke Infoshop (Cream City Collectives) (Milwaukee, WI)
  • Crossroads Infoshop (Kansas City, MO)
  • Black Sheep Books (Montpelier, VT)
  • Arise! Books (Minneapolis, MN)
  • Bluestockings (NYC)
  • Sedition Books (Houston, TX)
  • MayDay Books (Manhattan, NY)
  • Red Emma’s (Baltimore, MD)
  • The Big Idea Infoshop (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • MonkeyWrench Books (Austin, TX)
  • Boxcar Books (Bloomington, IN)
  • L’insoumise (Montreal, QC)
  • Global Aware Info Shop(Toronto, ON)

    Due to Global Aware’s failure to respond to allegations of labour abuse in reasonable time (months), we have removed links to their website and all their merchandise from our shelves until further notice.

  • The Long Haul Infoshop (Berkeley, CA)
  • Lucy Parsons Center (Boston, MA)
  • Bloom Collective (Grand Rapids, MI)
  • and many, many more…

    Anarchist & Radical Conferences, Bookfairs, and other exciting events…