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Radical Clowning and Chaotic Travels

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intro to radical clowning
Intro to Radical Clowning (for adults) – workshop with Paula; from 4 – 6 pm
Chaotic Travels – Skills Share & Poetry Night with Paula and Arlen; starts 8pm.
Wednesday Nov.18, 2009
$10 or donation

radical clowning poster 2
Download the posters today!
We regret that this event is not wheelchair accessible

Intro to Radical Clowning (safe space* for adults).
A “regular” clown trains for entertainment, a “radical” clown experiments with
stretching the boundaries of expression and trains for imaginative stimulation, creativity and revolt of apathy, boredom, and the miserabilist capitalist death machine which effects our sense of possibilities.
Imagine the impossible! Play! Feel! Scream! Laugh! Em-body!
Come play in a safe space* with Paula, and loosen, enliven, shake awake. We will be playing various clowning games in consideration of these things. A practice of engagement with every day, every moment life to infuse it with imagination.
Bring wierd clothes!
(phobias note: for this particular workshop no “actual” clowns will be present, at most, a red nose might be passed around, but no “It” characters here)

Because Paula has worked in radical, activist settings, there is a component of “safe space”. There is never a point where anyone has to do anything they are not comfortable with, that includes touch and noises. If at any point someone feels uncomfortable or threatened, the priority is to attend to that reality. Playing when you are an adult isn’t just “pure fun”, it can be difficult and confusing. There is always space for that,and the workshop is run to be able to include at any time any concerns or difficulties anyone has. The second aspect of “safe space” is that there is no tolerance for language or behavior which is oppressive to anyone, that includes language and remarks that may be felt as sexist, racism, homophobic, transphobic, ableist or offensive to any group or person. All participants help maintain this component, and it becomes as relevant as the group needs it.

Find out or sign up funisfreepress -at- gmail.com

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