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Dear Bonehead the Hate Artist,

An open letter to the fool who continues to denigrate our outdoor sign with swastikas and mindless comments (“commie scum”, etc.):

You got us again! Congratulations for another thoughtful act of sabotage. You’ll notice that we’ve once again cleared your canvas (i.e. repainted our sign) and have returned it to its rightful location on our outside door.

Sorry for taking so long to write you, it is apparent to us that you are desperately seeking some attention. We work collectively and therefore had to discuss what to do about your “art”. As an organization committed to egalitarianism – something we assume you know very little to absolutely nothing about – this sometimes means long meetings and thorough process. It also means that decisions at the Infoshop are addressed by a diversity of opinions but, in the case of your hate-art, there certainly are not many.

Your fascist art is bullshit. It is hateful. It is an expression of violence and intolerance that tests the limits of any sensible thought. It is also embarrassingly moronic. (Embarrassing for you! Did you even realize that?). Collectively we are at a loss over how to address your sad little hate-doodles.

For the record: we consider ourselves – much like you, it would seem – as proponents of public art. That said, our shared interests probably end there. Many of us are practitioners in transforming the monotony of these empty streets into the wonderful theatres of expression that we’d only hope any sane person would embrace. It seems that you, on the other hand, are just a racist jerk or just an idiot (some of us suspect the latter but maybe both). We’re not sure what to think of whatever propels you to commit such pathetic, half-assed hate-art. To be clear: we do not want to encourage you to improve on your midnight hate-scribbles. We are sick of cleaning the artistic excretion of your sad little mind and we’d prefer it stops.

So in light of these times of hope, here is our first tactic: a straightforward request. Dear Bonehead, can you please stop drawing your hate scribbles on our sign? If we’re mistaken and, for some reason way beyond our abilities to understand, we are misinterpreting your swastikas and “commie scum” comments, we’d actually like to hear you out. That might sound ridiculous. OK, that does sounds completely and totally ridiculous because it is completely and totally ridiculous… but, we’re serious. If that is at all appealing to you, we’d encourage you to read our anti-oppression statement and write us your thoughts (preferably by mail or email this time).

If our tactic is unsuccessful – as we suspect it will be, for the record – we’ll have to continue with this (already tired) ritual that you’ve initiated. To be perfectly honest, yes it is annoying. Again, congratulations!!! Hopefully you relish in that big score for fascism! Despite the small annoyances of re-painting our outdoor sign, please rest assured that we will continue to do so. When the sheer absurdity of this ritual grows tired and fails to fulfill whatever kick you’re getting from it, please know that it will end silently and forever remain an empty story for you to hold close to your little sick heart. When it does end, we will simply carry about our normal affairs. So please know this: We will likely never even notice the ritual is over. That will be the payment for your efforts. This will be the metaphor for your life, dear petty-fascist. Get used to it.

If nothing else, we’ll see you in the streets.

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