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Resist the Olympics: Dominion Launch and Speakers

Tuesday, Dec. 8 at 7pm

The Olympics - fascist adventurism.

The Olympics - fascist adventurism.

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Contact: orottawa (at) gmail.com
Guillaume Latendresse (Montreal Canadians) will be speaking about the Olympics for the Olympics resistance Network. Other speakers TBC.

This event is both an educational event to raise awareness about the destructive impacts of the Olympics and the launch party for the newest issue of The Dominion. This most recent issue of The Dominion is a Special Report on the Winter Olympics.

ALSO, The olympic torch will be in Ottawa between Dec. 12 – 14. Olympics Resistance Ottawa will be organizing a demonstration to show that, despite the constant propaganda, not everyone LOVES the Olympics. No Olympics on Stolen Native Land!

What is wrong with the Olympics?

2 Responses to “Resist the Olympics: Dominion Launch and Speakers”

  1. bonehead Says:

    ha ha ha the olympics is step all over you commie wimps

  2. elvis Says:

    The editorial before shakes down a nazi lover, very well I might add and then the next one uses the nazi olympic symbol. ? Just big money getting bigger, but not worthy of nazi symbols. Keep the T.V. off and don’t spend
    money on anything associated with. A simple thought from a simple man.

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